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It all ended up all right and I approve of where Sayers took it and I'd be interested to see what a Harriet Vane not currently under arrest for murder would be like as a character, but she didn't show to her best advantage here. Thirdly, I really wish the book had spent more time on letting us glimpse beneath Peter's lighthearted nature- the few scenes where he playfully-but-not-playfully took people to task for getting upset with him for showing his humanity, rather than just being a delightful, dumb jokester all the time that others could use to lighten their mood using Jon Stewart's Crossfire "monkey" line centuries before it became famous to contemporary people.

It was affecting- I get that part of its power was being used sparingly and too much might put off an audience who also loves him the way he is, but I guess Sayers was just too good at these parts. I really loved Georgette Heyer's Cotillion, which does kind of a similiar thing and sets up a "buffoon" as the romantic hero, defending him and all his virtues the whole while against the more popular Byronic type.

Sayers had more to work with in her secretly-actually-smart hero and I wish she'd done it. Just my personal preference for seeing people in layers, I guess. I get that this is a polite mystery from the s and what I'm talking about is a modern thing. New fanfiction idea! Sayers seems worth at least one more shot. I like this sort of thing and there aren't many playing at this level in the game.

I listened to this on audiobook and completely forgot to add it to my Goodreads challenge. Dorothy L.

Strong Poison

Sayers is now officially my no. They have a very similar feel to them and they're always very satirical and funny. Nov 03, Cindy Rollins rated it really liked it Shelves: reread , , mysteries. Hello, Harriet Vane. We don't know you very well yet, but we will.

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I am not sure how many times I have read this but it was even more enjoyable this time because of my trip to England. I have now walked some of the streets mentions and could visualize it all so much better. As always I have the feeling that I am just not smart enough yet to get all the jokes and nods. But I got more this time around than last. View 1 comment.

Strong Poison Lord Peter Wimsey Book 6

He appears in a couple of scenes but the majority of the book is a woman he hired to investigate for him. Well, that was one of the main reasons.

The reason I mention Unnatural death is that here too Miss Climpson is sent to investigate something but in Strong Poison it wasn't too much and she actually does interesting things trying to find the item she came for. She isn't just talking to peo 3. She isn't just talking to people. I liked it. As for Wimsey, he is all over this case because he kind of falls in love with the accused. I loved his attitude towards her, towards marriage in general. He works slower here because this time he has something to lose no, his brother's problem from one of the previous books is not the same.

The case is not that interesting and there are so few suspects that there is no real surprise in the end, but the way Lord Wimsey, Miss Climpson, the typist who works for her, and many, many others mobilise to solve the case is lovely. There are, of course, a lot of contemporary issues sprinkled throughout the book spiritualist and inevitable frauds, communists and artists, feminists and such and they make this story very colourful. Mar 01, Olivia-Savannah Roach rated it liked it. This mystery was okay. I wasn't able to guess who committed the crime, or how, so it is definitely unpredictable in that sense.

It was very clever and I admire the novel for that. I did like the plot, and I liked the underlying quiet feminism to it all. I liked the characters well enough, and the writing style had a buoyancy to it which made it nice to read. So why only three stars if I am mentioning all these good things?

Mostly because I don't find it to be a particularly memorable book.

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And m This mystery was okay. And much like the tv series Monk, when the detective decides to pursue one avenue to solve the crime, that's the right avenue. There aren't really many other people he seems to look into or dead ends to read. He kind of sets his path and follows along it. So it wasn't too thrilling, or suspenseful.

It was clever, but the solving of the mystery was straighforward and easy to follow. I like my mysteries with more layers and complication. Lord Peter Whimsy attends the closing arguments of a trial for the accused murderess- cum -author Harriet Vane. From these proceedings he determines two things: 1 she is very much innocent, and 2 she is very much his future wife if she will have him. Wry and amusing and clever and absurd by turns, I honestly was delighted. What a good collection of ba Lord Peter Whimsy attends the closing arguments of a trial for the accused murderess- cum -author Harriet Vane.

What a good collection of banter and teasing and humor, balanced against Peter's fear of failure and the nebulous question of his future relationship with the intriguing Miss Vane. That said, I did think it lagged slightly in the second half when the focus turns to Miss Climpton and the Cattery ladies accomplishing the necessary in order to discover the true murderer. The lack of Peter's driving momentum and Harriet's dry reads was definitely missing.

Only Peter would consider this successful wooing which is why it works so well for me: "I can produce quite good testimonials. I'm told I make love rather nicely—only I'm at a disadvantage at the moment. One can't be very convincing at the other end of a table with a bloke looking in at the door.

Strong Poison by Dorothy L. Sayers | Waterstones

I look forward to more Cattery adventures. And Peter heckling Parker over his relationship with Mary. And general Vane presence. Change is afoot in the world of Lord Peter Wimsey. People are asking Peter to stay the way he is and it is chilling his soul. Not only does he envision his own altered future, but he sees the societal changes taking place around him, and he knows that change is inevitable. Enter Harriet Vane. It is said that Harriet is an alter-ego for Dorothy L. Say Change is afoot in the world of Lord Peter Wimsey. Sayers herself. I have a hold on a biography of that wonderful woman at my public library and am eagerly awaiting my chance to investigate!

He wanted devotion. I gave him that.

Lord Peter Wimsey: BBC Radio Drama Collection Volume 1

I did, you know. But I couldn't stand being made a fool of. I quite thought he was honest when he said he didn't believe in marriage -- and then it turned out that it was a test, to see whether my devotion was abject enough.