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I wonder how much this former VP is saying is fact, and how much of it is being made up to help him sell a book Profits have been small due to the strategy Microsoft used - they wanted to copy Sony's strategy of selling to hardcore gamers, and fight them head on for the same audience. When you enter a fight, you never come out unscathed, and both Sony and Microsoft took a beating financially from that decision.

Joachim Kempin - Business Insider

Nintendo was the only company smart enough to find a new audience of non gamers that had never been tapped before, and had reaped massive profits compared to Sony and Microsoft. I really respect Nintendo's ability to create a whole new pie to eat from, rather than taking from an existing pie from another company. That's a very American strategy, to feel that you need to destroy other companies and take what they have created for themselves, rather than realizing there was a whole new market untapped that could have made Microsoft billions had it taken advantage of what the Wii was able to take advantage of this generation.

It's funny how history repeats itself: Coleco and Nintendo, Nintendo and Sony and now Sony and Microsoft, with the second getting frustrated on failed possible collaborations and then saying "Let's do our own! I wonder who's next Paul Jace Merchandiser 6 years ago. I also agree with Francis. Everytime I read an interview with one of the founding fathers of the original Xbox they always mention how much they had to sell Bill Gates on the idea of making a console for quite awhile before he actually gave them the green light.

I think Mr. Kempin is just looking for a soundbite. But lets pretend that he's telling the truth.

Book Discussion: The Perfect Weapon: War, Sabotage, and Fear in the Cyber Age

The fact that Microsoft came out of nowhere and has taken so much market share away from Sony in the console space is very impressive. But they did not achieve that success without casulties. And they also proved that both companies can co-exist in the same console space and be relatively successful.

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To those with an ax to grind, everything looks like a grindstone. Microsoft: Windows 10 now on more than million devices. Microsoft starts selling consumer OneDrive extended storage plans. Microsoft's new 'Data Dignity' team could help users control their personal data. Microsoft to add more AI-infused apps and features to Dynamics Microsoft: This new Windows Terminal update gives you 'way better settings'. Windows Terminal Preview is out, along with a features timeline and a Windows Terminal 1.

Python-inspired Nim: Version 1. Programming language Nim 1. Windows 10 Microsoft pushes on with testing as 19H2 update rollout looms.

The latest Ballmer basher: Microsoft's former OEM chief

Microsoft has released two new updates to testers in the Release Preview ring for Windows 10 19H1 and 19H2. Microsoft: 'Battle-tested'.

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NET Core 3. Microsoft to provide free Windows 7 updates for voting systems in The January end-of-support date for Windows 7 was expected to have a major impact on elections in the U. Today's announcement means those Microsoft poses threat to Germany's digital sovereignty, warns study.