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Inside folder is agenda, brochures, maps, informaiton about T-Plant. Eugene L. Saenger, University of Cincinnati, first interview dated Sept. Also includes four cassette tapes. Interview covers career of Dr. Saenger's involvement in radiation research, including Cincinnati experiments, and TBI experiments. Seymour Perry, Dr.

Larson, T. Lincoln, and K. K-A June, 9, Erwin Kaplan. Jackson, Miss. Interviewed by Lanny Keller. Hymer Friedell by Stephen Klaidman and Dr. Ron Neumann, Tuesday August 23, Hanson and D. Glenn T. Seaborg on August 8, by Gregg Herkin. William Silverman, Dr. Malcolm A.

Bagshaw, and Herman Wigodsky, M.

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Seymour Perry and Howard Andrews. Audio tapes included. Morgan on January 6, , Indian Shores Florida. Bailey , and eight Journal articles found by Baylor. DODA also contains documents relevant to the above topic. Complements BUA.

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Young, and Leon Tafoya. Each report discusses the abilities of the Soviet nuclear, chemical, and Biological threat. First formal confirmation of Soviet bomb. An additional 6 documents were withheld in their entirety. At this point the CIA has reviewed and either released of withheld approximately 70 out of classified documents that we requested be declassified.

Several of the released documents contain extensive redaction's. The docs. Discusses meeting with and report of Henry Beecher. Markey to Secretary Hazel R. A report on health effects of low-level radiation sustained as a result of the nuclear weapons testing program conducted by the United States Government.

Gordon K.

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Soper and Rep. Statement of Tara O'Toole, M. Statement of Ruth R. Rezendes, Director, Energy and Science Issues, etc. Darby, M. This transcript is provided for the Committee's official investigation of experiments involving administration of radioactive isotopes to human subjects, and not for publication or public dissemination.

Also includes many important excerpts from AEC meetings the whole commission. Saenger's radiation experiments pursuant to his contracts with the Dept. Also included are Dr. Saenger's Case summaries which were part of his reports to the DOD and five of the patients' hospital records.

Documents derived from the archives of University of Cincinnati given to the plaintiff attorney's are also included. Letter to Dr. Lawrence Tuttle from Charles L. L Finseth, Sverdrup Corp. The Aircraft was carrying nuclear weapons that did not detonate, but some radiation was released. Citizens Bombed by Their Own Country.

Contains 55 entries dating from to White, Benjamin W. Snyder, Richard and Saltz, Eli.

Spread of Information Following an Atomic Maneuver. Human Research Unit No. Wineguard, Bob. Winograd, Berton. Bordes, Peter A. August Baldwin, Robert D. March The bulk of the documents come from the Public Health Service, dated from US Atomic Energy Commission. By Marshall Brucer, April By Marshall Brucer.

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July Vanderbilt University, et al. Peters, Anchorage, AK Includes table of forms and examples of archival forms from each year. Forms contain names of Patient. Anderson Hospital Houston Texas. These featured men who worked in Utah uranium mines during 's. Anderson Hospital on informed consent. Also included are samples of numerous release forms from , which include reference to "X-Ray therapy, radium and radioactive isotopes, " signed by patients.

Operation TEAPOT (Declassified) - 1952

The decision generally denied the defendants motion to dismiss the case. It held, among other things, that the Nuremberg code provided an indication that the law concerning informed consent for human experiments was clearly established, and therefore defendants are not immune. Listed according to their "DOE file number".

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Comments and some summarization provided by RMI. Documents are broken up into 3 sections. Heller, Carl G. Department of Defense. Design and performance of a fallout-tested manned shelter station and its suitability as a single family shelter partial copy from U. Dunham to Chairman Lewis L Strums? Fenton re: atomic veterans issues and the text of Dottie Troxell book provided by Mr.

Dottie Troxell was a uranium processing plant worker.

Plutonium Metallurgy Operation Qtrly Rpt Jul Sep 1962 Declassified 1962

She suffered from overexposure and believes she was experimented on while in treatment at the Lovelace Foundation medical center. Enclosures include: Directives System Order Enclosed with letter is memorandum to Comdr. Palmer, from: A. Circa 2. Contract material for DASAC, included are correspondence, contract modification forms, budgets, and other financial documets. Taylor and William N. Included are These are supplemental reports. Hawley, et al. Louis, Missouri, Brooks Air Force Base, Texas, and the Washington National Records Center, Suitland, re: various experiments mostly involving animals , but also documents concerning "the first Air Force regulation which specifically required informed consent" and its development, regulations concerning experimentation, preparing progress reports, research project procedures, etc.

Summary provided by Col. For full inventory see Accession Contents. Letter From Joseph V. Forward letter explaining content of material.

hanford nuclear facility: Topics by

Documents from the Navy Department. Articles on Beta Radiation Lesion of the Skin These summaries are derived from the annual progress report completed by each Army Hospital conducting clinical investigations. This document lists intentional releases of ionizing radiation at the test site in Idaho 2.